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Sparkling Story with Janine

Janine has been using Darlie All Shiny White for a couple of weeks, "And I feel that my dental hygiene is improving, my mouth & breath is so much fresher and stays that way longer." 

Sparkling Story with Jessica

 "Untungnya warna putih gigiku udah meningkat sejak pakai Darlie, karena udah dapet shiny white smile idaman," sekarang Jessica bisa pakai lipstick warna apa aja, lho! 

Sparkling Story with Pramudina

What is the best garnish for your selfmade food? It's your smile! 

Sparkling Story with Stephanie

Do you want to know what’s the secret essential for makeup users and Steph? Find out now. 

Sparkling Story with Cindy

Taking good and decent picture is very important for Cindy, "that's why Darlie has been my holygrail product to use." 

Sparkling Story with Eva

Everyone, include Eva wants to look good when they are hang out with their friends. That is why your smile has to be good! 

A Shiny White Smile from Stephanie

There's a lot of things that can boost your confidence, one of them is having a white teeth! with Darlie Whitening Toothpaste Stephanie can get a long desired white teeth. 

A Shiny White Smile from Pramudina

"Prepare everything for hari raya perfectly by yourself?" Dina has the secret. 

Sparkling Story with Agatha

"Gak pernah ragu lagi untuk senyum lebar nunjukin gigi. Sekarang aku jadi bisa gaya apa aja deh di depan kamera," kata Agatha. 

A Shiny White Smile from Agatha

Rahasia untuk senyuman indah Agatha didapat dari Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) pada Darlie. 


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